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The LightWorkers dance duo offer performances of uplifting original contemporary/theatrical dances.
The music we dance to is written and recorded by ourselves. We can also choreogreaph  to your needs as far as length of performance, themes and styles.

Following is a description of our current dances. Most have links to photos.

Animal Totem Dance, Parts 1 and 2, (Duration 7 min 13 sec)…
This is a dance interpreting the essences of various animals as described in traditional Native American teachings.
Dynamic and powerful, it is performed to American Indian Medicine Drum, Didgeridoo and spoken word.

Broken Loop, (Duration 4min 30sec)…
In todays modern culture, keeping up with computers and machines has the potential to turn us into automatons. Perhaps we have all felt that we have been stuck in ruts. This dance is set in a corporate environment and represents the ability to be productive while still living and enjoying life, free to be yourself.

Angel Dance, (Duration 3min 40sec)…
Have you ever felt that someone is watching over you? Just because we can't see angels, doesn't mean they don't exist. This work is light and humorous, while touching the hearts of the audience, young and old.

Within Without, (Duration 6min 20 sec)…
Are we really just reflections of each other? This dance explores the concept that what we see in others is also within ourselves. Our use of mirrors and face paint expresses this on many levels.

Astral Dancing, (Duration 4min 20sec)…
It's a beautiful feeling dancing in your dreams. Mannequins represent our physical selves while we represent our dream selves.

Does it Excite? (Duration 3min 5sec) &/or It Takes Two, (Duration 6 min 55sec)…
Although these two dances were choreographed separately we can connect them together.
'Does it excite?' shows the bliss, pure love and excitement within a new relationship, then comes growth and finding balance within the relationship. ' It takes two' is a dance performed on a see-saw. It expresses that we all have our ups and downs. In the dance we find eventual balance and harmony.

The Dream of Emese  [Em-e-sheh]  (duration 3min 30sec)…
A representation of the Hungarian legend of how Almos became the leader of the Hungarian Nation. The dance is performed to Hungarian and English spoken word over instruments. (Debut Performance at Young Habit - Old Practice Hungarian Folk Art Traditions. 30th April - 24th May, 2003. Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, in collaboration with artists.)