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The LightWorkers dance duo, Kester and Kirsty, regularly perform dances and hold workshops in dance, drama and music at festivals.
Below is a brief history of the company and our aims.

'the LightWorkers dance and music productions' are a dance duo dedicated to the development of innovative and original performing and recorded arts. We, Kirsty Sziron and Christopher 'Kester' Chalkley, are experienced dancers, choreographers, performers, composers, actors, musicians and teachers of the arts and are the driving force behind the company. The company was founded in October 2000, and was based in Melbourne for over two years. We moved to Queensland early 2003 with the intent of sharing our arts with a wider community by touring to rural primary schools and festivals and also touring regularly to Melbourne.

Our vision statement is 'to bring contemporary dance out of the closet' and 'make it as accessible to as many people as possible'.
This has been achieved by performing at relaxed, non-conventional venues, art galleries and festivals (follow side links for detailed information) and also choreographing and writing music around a narrative that people can understand, while still being open for interpretation.

Artistically, most of our themes for performance revolve around everyday issues and we wish to show people the potential for a positive resolution, that there is always a choice on how to view circumstances and that everyone can be empowered by positivity. Currently we also have multi-cultural  inspired themes spanning Native American, Hungarian and Modern Culture. All our themes are expressed in original contemporary dance performed to our own acoustic/electronically based music.

The company is keen to support other artists such as dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists, film makers and comedians by integrating them into our line ups and projects. We truly believe in sustaining original creations and building a support network for those who are willing to follow their ambitions and dreams. While based in Melbourne, we held 'performing arts nights' in non-conventional spaces, such as Ruby's Cocktail Lounge in Belgrave and the Planet Cafe in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. For these events we performed, designed all the promotional posters, letters, fliers, press releases and co-ordinated acts into a running order. We performed at art exhibition openings at Castilia Centre in Selby and regularly at various venues in the city, such as the Planet Café, Revolver and Bar Open.

Another facet of our company is conducting dance and drama workshops at various primary schools. We find this a very rewarding experience as we watch the children develop confidence, teamwork and display obvious enjoyment in their performing. This is also giving the next generation a taste of the performing arts.
Yag'Ubi Festival - Breakdance Workshop